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Veranstaltiung zum Thema: Robert Koch Colloquium 2024 "On the Move: Public Health in a Globalized World"

The Robert Koch Colloquium is an annual interdisciplinary lecture series, each year focusing on one specific innovative public health topic, such as Burden of Disease (2019), Public Health Surveillance (2021), Climate Change and Public Health (2022), and Social Inequities in Health (2023).

Each year, the Robert Koch Institute, Germany’s national Public Health Institute, invites leading experts to present and discuss their area of work at the Robert Koch Colloquium. This year’s colloquium topic is “On the Move: Public Health in a Globalized World”. Over two days, a series of lectures addresses specific aspects of global mobility of pathogens and people. A final panel discussion with experts treats the implications of increased mobility on Public Health.

Datum23.05.2024, 14:00
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Robert Koch-Institut
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